Nordic Panda Travel Oy

Nordic Panda Travel Agency R Nordic Travel Brand is owned by Nordic Panda Travel Oy, Finland.

The team of the Nordic Panda Travel Agency is made up of a group of unique dreamers.

Tourism product designers have very rich experience, they will customize the travel plan according to the wishes of each guest.They will do all tings before the guests travel.From the first consultation, you will be provided with one-on-one travel consultation services through whole process .

Our IT products and technology teams provide strong technical support for our growing business needs. With the development and customization of the Nordic Panda Travel Agency’s customized management system, the service efficiency and quality of the Nordic Panda Travel Service will also be rapidly improved.

Of course, our operations team, our service partners in Northern Europe, and the authors who provide a steady stream of materials for the Nordic Panda Travel Agency’s media platform… are all working hard for the growth of the small seed of the Nordic Panda Travel Agency.

In order to meet the needs of our customers in the first place, we always maintain flexibility and creativity. I believe that your travel pleasure has already begun since we met us.

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●Preparation before travel

◎The weather in Europe is changeable. The temperature difference between morning and evening is relatively large. It is rainy in summer and autumn. Please bring a folding umbrella or raincoat with you. If you are ready to wear, you need to prepare for formal wear in addition to taking a cruise ship and entering the casino to keep warm, relaxed and comfortable. Long-sleeved clothes and jackets are also needed in summer to prevent cold and warm changes. In winter, please bring cold-proof clothing shoes with flat-bottomed and lightweight sneakers. Please try not to wear high-heeled shoes outside the weather. Please refer to the official forecast.
◎Please prepare personal hygiene products such as toothbrush, toothpaste and slippers (not available in European hotels) Other essential items: shampoo, body lotion, sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrella, camera/camcorder, mint cream (mosquito bite), wound Post, etc.
◎ According to your own eating habits, you can bring some mustard, instant noodles and other small foods; visitors who like to drink hot water can carry a plug-in hot water according to their own situation (it is convenient to carry);
◎ European medicine must be prescribed by a doctor, and the medical expenses are expensive. It is recommended that you bring a small amount of standing medicines such as: motion sickness medicine, quick-acting rescue pills, insulin, berberine, etc.; if you have to carry certain medicines because of your own diseases, you should ask your doctor to prescribe And prepare the foreign language manual and purchase invoice for the drug;
◎ It is recommended to use a suitcase with wheels for easy transportation and carrying; before carrying the baggage, the old checked bag on the box must be torn off to prevent the baggage from being transported in the wrong place; to prevent the baggage from being stolen, it is recommended, and the baggage is recommended. Locked
◎If you need to use the mobile phone abroad, please open international roaming before departure to ensure that the mobile phone can be used outside the country;
◎Please select 220-230V voltage electrical equipment, European standard (German standard) plug, please buy a universal conversion plug in China.
◎ Nordic does not circulate RMB, you need to exchange RMB for Euro or Krone before going abroad. Now the Bank of China in China can make an appointment in advance and can exchange RMB directly. It is recommended to exchange no less than 700 Euros per person.
◎ China Customs stipulates that each person can carry up to RMB 20,000 or equivalent to USD 5,000 in equivalent foreign currency. The EU Customs stipulates that the maximum number of passengers cannot exceed 10,000 Euros.
◎Shopping in Northern Europe, large-scale stores can use UnionPay cards, MasterCard cards, VISA cards, you are advised to deposit money into the card, various banks, various card situations are different, how to use bank cards in Northern Europe, please consult the issuing bank

Travel tips

◎ Time difference between Europe and China: Winter time is 6-7 hours later than China. For example, at 12 noon in China, Nordic is 5-6 in the morning; summer time is 5-6 hours later than in China.

◎ Please carefully discern and check the items when shopping. Be sure to ask for the relevant documents after purchasing the items.

◎ Europe’s driving direction is the same as that of China, and the “right driving” rule is implemented.

◎Please choose the intersection with traffic lights or pedestrian passages to cross the road; when waiting for the bus, please keep a certain distance from the parking place of the vehicle to avoid scratching you when the vehicle stops; you must wait for the order, and don’t rush.